First Step on the Road to Somewhere New and (Hopefully) Better

I just got back from my first meeting with a career counselor. It was interesting, informative and formative. It also feels good to be making positive steps to realign my career goals with things that I am passionate about.

Not that I didn't enjoy high-tech PR, I do and did. But it's not quite the perfect fit. There are several things about the job that I disagree with as being counter productive. But it wasn't up to me to decide the how things got done.

I really liked the counselor's approach and demeanor and expect that this work we are doing together will result in my being better armed to create a better working situation for me and my family.

The next step will be some testing to determine where my passions and strengths are to better map out the route to attain a good job that I really love and can be totally excited about.

If any of you readers have had any experience with career counseling, I'd love to hear some stories and advice.