Bad Advertisers Will Always Miss The Point

TechDirt has a posting about TrimSpa's latest "Tivo-Proof" ads that highlights a problem with advertising in general. If you need to force eyeballs to look at your ad then you've already failed as an advertiser.

The attempt to force people to look at your ad is self-defeating. If you force me to look at your ad, I will, but only so I can memorize your brand so as to NEVER BUY YOUR PRODUCT. Using force or highly manipulative techniques to get my eyes on your schlock is 100% guaranteed to fail to win me as a customer.

You will not force me into buying your product, the real end goal of your advertising. You can trick me into watching your ad with humor, shock or really hot chicks. But trick me in other ways, such as the pizza ad during Survivor that looked like the lead-in back into the show so I stopped fast-forwarding on Tivo, that ad "worked" but still failed as I won't be buying their pizza, ever. And yes, I know who's pizza it was, I'm just not giving them any more attention that they don't deserve.

Just like GoDaddy, a company run by assholes, uses shock and pornstars for its ads. They have to because their company has a piss poor reputation and has, without any verification, shut down sites registered with them based on a single, anonymous complaint.

Also, TrimSpa's the company that hired Anna Nicole Smith to be their spokesmodel, that should tell you tons about their target demographic and marketing tactics.