You Have Not Truly Lived Until....

.....you have lane split at night in the rain during a fun-filled Monday evening commute.

It has been said that riding a motorcycle in the rain is the very definition of crazy. They may be a little right.

Such was my joy this evening. I left in the quickening dusk and spattery rain, stopping once for a WTF start and stop gas pump. The pump started, gave me $1.30 in gas and then stopped and told me to go see Mr. Man inside. He said the network was down, eventually, until I found that out, I thought he was saying my card had been denied. Oh yeah, there was a guy on his Harley, not prepared for rain at all, he said he left all his gear at home. Woops. I wonder how he feels about tight black leather? Hehehe.

Anyway, I need some motorcycle boots. No question about it. That was the one thing that kind of sucked about it. Well, that and jumping around in the skinny middle lane dodging pickup trucks (white, again, natch), debris and the occasional oblivious housefrau in her Explorer, Yukon or Escalade. But then, that part is the norm on a dry day. But add water, lots of it and in drop form and people are cranky and do not like you or anyone else. I had a couple of bozos in a Civic jump in line in front of me on the turn on to the highway. What do I care? Once we got on the highway, I jumped over, gunned it, spun out some and then launched down the center. I bet they hadn't gone two miles by the time I got home.

So yeah, boots are a requirement. Waterproof shoes are only waterproof if the water isn't wind-forced into it from above, side and back all at once.

And, now that it's over and my feet are warm and dry again, it was kind of fun to do. It wasn't fun while I was doing it but it was fun after the fact, you know how that works?

Still, I think I'll drive tomorrow anyway, that way I sit and watch it rain through the sunroof. And feel bad for the biker who gets caught out.

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