Survivor Wrap

This'll be quick as we had an unscheduled very awake baby at 3 this morning and he didn't go back down until nearly 4. Tired? I sure am!

Anyway, last night's premiere was good. I like the twist of having them all work together to build a kickass shelter and camp and then throwing half of them out.

My early likes include: Yauman and Rocky.
Early dislikes include: Dreamz.

And, because in this day and age, even Fijian islanders will have blogs. Check out some insider info about the shoot, the Survivor Boomtown effect (warning, looooong entry). Here are some maps someone put together and then some Google hi-res satellite images to enjoy as well. I like having some maps to refer to although it looks like the Ravu tribe has a really, really long way to travel to get to tribal council which makes us wonder how they can safely navigate home afterwards, in the dark, on the ocean. Seems kind of incredibly dangerous to us.

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