Super Stupidity for Super Bowl Sunday

NFL Wants To Remind You That Having People Over To Watch The Super Bowl On A Big Screen Is Copyright Infringement

I saw that Rick had written about this and it reminded me that I wanted to pen a quick note.

If you watch the Super Bowl on a 55 inch or larger screen then the NFL says you are infringing on their copyright. Putting aside the utter stupidity of this pronouncement, how in the hell are they going to enforce this? Spies all across the nation? Bounties for evidence of the "infringement"?

The NFL needs to really think about what this says to fans and casual fans who tune in just for the Super Bowl. Just like the incredibly stupid warning not to disseminate broadcasts or accounts of their broadcasts, that means you are, technically, not allowed to even talk about a football game you watched on TV. And that is just incredibly stupid.

Maybe the NFL's taken too many hits upside the head?

[Update: Brian Krebs at Security Fix has just posted an alert about a Trojan horse on the Dolphin Stadium website (where the SuperBowl is being played in two days).]