One Year Ago Today

Today is the one year anniversary of my last day at my last job.

Today's the day I walked out of a job just before four complete years of working there. An eternity there. One other employee had been there longer.

I don't really know what to say about it. I'm still very pissed off about getting shafted, I have yet to see my old boss in the street but I'm sure it will happen eventually.

I'm still pissed off that she dealt me so poorly and I'd love to know if she regrets her actions. I kind of doubt it, she never struck as one for personal reflection.

If it were happening now, I would do my best to hold on and stay until Sullivan's birth three months later, that's right, today is Sully's nine months birthday. I would do my best to suck it up, swallow my pride and stay for a few more months to get six weeks of paid time off. But that's an impossible dream, I couldn't have done it then and I don't think I could do it now. She had sapped every last drop of my willingness to toil for her.

And, in the interim, I've welcomed another son, spent alot of time with my family and dog, took care of a whole bunch of house projects, got another job making more money though I have a commute and the jerky neighbors had to leave because the dad was being forced to pay child support to his daughter who he was somewhat abusive to. Oh yeah, and we just got a cat.

On the company's side, they reaped the financial rewards of my putting on a great conference, hired three people in series to "replace" me and are working on the last one right now. They canceled the next conference the week it was supposed to begin and moved the February conference to April. Oh yeah, they've also gone through a whole bunch of other staff in the process. Not the least of which was one friend I managed to rescue and bring along to my new place of employment, which she absolutely loves!

So Happy Anniversary? You bet. Some regrets but that's to be expected. And believe me, I enjoyed every setback I heard about. We've got an after-work beers night coming up soon, I hope to get some good dirt to report then as well.

And if I remember any particular dirt that needs airing now, it will be aired.

Oh yes, check out the Women of Mensa Playboy edition November 1985. My boss is one of them. Nothing like working for someone you've seen naked but with her lowcut tops, pretty much everyone sees her boobs quickly anyway. That and her coffee fermented dragon breath, not a good combination.

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