Nice Work ProFlowers, Or Not

I ordered some flowers for today's Valentine Day holiday from ProFlowers.com because it was pretty easy and a pretty good deal.

I'll leave my annual rant about the mad run up on rose prices in the last few days for next year. The annoying profiteering just pisses me off. A dozen roses last week was ten bucks or so, this week, that same damned dozen roses will cost you forty or fifty bucks easy.

Anyway, I put my order in to ProFlowers which included a vase and chocolates, since what is Valentine's Day without chocolates, right?

When the box arrived yesterday, the roses looked fabulous and the vase wasn't broken, which was a nice touch. But there were no damned chocolates in the box and that annoys the hell out of me. I called them and the chocolates are on their way but they won't be here until next week. Will I use ProFlowers again? It depends on what kind of a deal they have and I'll make for damned sure to remind them that I'd like everything in one shipment all at the same time.

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