Little Effer-Itis

This is the third time I've started writing this post. Part of the reason is because I start writing it while Graydon is suffering from his malady that I've come to call "Little Effer-itis" and it is the rare child that escapes at least some of the dread disorder.

The disorder is marked by an utter inability to follow direction and extremely selective hearing and seeing. It is also marked by a distinct desire to act in direct opposition to the wishes of your parents and also to laugh like a drunk hyena while doing it.

He doesn't demonstrate symptoms all of the time, in fact, most of the time he is as sweet as can be, a loving, funny, goofy little kid. But, as the time interval between nap and bedtime stretches out, he's more and more likely to start showing symptoms.

Luckily the treatment is mostly just patience and time. He'll grow out of Little Effer-itis before too long and we'll have our sweet little boy back fulltime, until he starts spouting off about hating us.

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