Like I Need Another Project

So I've got a new project that I'm starting to think about, how to convert a porsche 914 to electric.

I've always wanted a 914. I like the tiny body style and go-kart feel to the cars. I'm not a large man so the cars are very comfortable for me. But they aren't great on the performance side of things. Switching one to electric would solve several issues at once.

Electric is very, very quick. Electric is efficient. Electric is quiet. But its not a cheap process to convert a car to electric and the batteries would need to be replaced every few years.

But still, how bitchin' would it be to pull up next to some of the Fast & Furious wannabe's in my town in a dead silent 914 and then dust them off the line? I bet it would be more satisfying than shredding them on the motorcycle, which is still great fun and pretty efficient too.

So there's a new project I'm filing away until we have more space to start to engage some of these ideas. I need more space, a big, flat lawn and alot more free time to make them happen. Damnit, why can't I just buy the winning lottery ticket so I can get to the important and fun stuff?

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