IP Paternity Prediction for Anna Nicole's Rich Baby

I wanted to get this stake in the ground before too many would-be daddies come out of the woodwork to claim potential paternity of Anna Nicole's baby daughter.

My prediction, when the dust settles from the stampede of lovers finally stops, is that Anna Nicole turkey bastered herself with sperm from her late billionaire husband.

Why do I think this? Simple, in a video when she'd just gotten pregnant, she said she had been pregnated. Which I'm thinking was about all her brain could hold when the doctor said she had been IM-pregnated.

So there's my prediction for Anna Nicole Smith's surviving child.

But I kind of hope the photographer is the kid's father. He seems like the least skeevy of the entire bunch.

Hey, there's a reality show in all this ridiculousness, isn't there? Someone should pitch Fox!

[Update: And there's another would-be poppa coming forward, a former bodyguard has admitted to doing the nasty with Anna Nicole. That brings the total to five. And I think someone should have mentioned to Anna that she didn't have to sleep with every single man that crossed her path.

Also, why is anyone paying any attention to her mother? Anna Nicole ex-communicated her mother years ago and hated her, why should her wishes be heard now?]

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