A Good Day That Ended Very Badly

The big day of work was everything it promised to be, a big day with a good briefing, a good meeting with a client and then a tasty sushi lunch.

And, with about an hour to go before the weekend and two hours before my client was going to have dinner with one of his absolute heroes (and a rather luminous personality in technology), it was then, an hour to go, two hours for the dinner, that I was called into our operations man's office.

In pretty straight fashion he told me I was getting laid off. The recent departure of clients combined with the lack of a strong pipeline to replace them equals hasta la vista.

The topper is that I talked with my client after his dinner and it was awesome, he had a fantastic time and really made a connection with him.

I've been told I'm allowed to get angry about getting laid off but right now I'm just kind of bummed I don't get to do the PR for this company that is going to kick ass.

But at least maybe I'll get a couple of bike rides and a few mornings sleeping in out of this layoff. I wish I could write code as I've got a website that needs to be developed.

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