Do Not Mess With 5 Year Old Girls

Especially when pinatas and candy are involved.

We went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon, the daughter of son of our daycare provider. She was turning 5 and was very much into the "Princess" birthday theme. Graydon has gone from being the littlest piker at the party to one of the mid-ranged kids.

I spent the party keeping an eye on Sully and then Grady and then Sully again.

When it came time to bring the bash down on the pinata castle, these previously cute little girls became demons possessed. One girl took five whacks at the castle in the space of time others got one in, and none of the hits were soft taps, these were candy-fueled precision blows intended on releasing more candy from the pinata.

The payout was pretty good, lots of mini candy bars and other goodness in that pinata. Grady didn't really get the idea of gather as much as you could so much as he'd pick up one piece of candy and ask to have it unwrapped for consumption.

But nobody got whacked with the stick, which was good because I was in the right position to be the whackee. And both Sully and Grady had nice good and long naps through the afternoon.

[Update: Here are a few cropped in shots to better show the fury that possesses the 5 year olds when pinatas are involved.
Pretty amazing really, she was such a nice little girl before the pinata came out. And she wasn't the only one, but she was the one I got the best captures of, she was nice enough to turn so I could get her profile. But it was fun to watch and fun to watch the kids have such a good time whacking the holy bejeezus out of the castle.

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