Baby Bites Man

It is inevitable. As babies get their teeth, they look for anything and everything to try them out against. If you are letting your baby crawl around your legs and they're teething, you are going to get bit.

Sully is teething right now, he's also been crawling for a few weeks now and is as fast as he needs to be. He can track a pair of legs from the living room to the kitchen and back and knows just when to pounce.

If I'm in shorts or boxers, he gets a couple of fistfuls of leg hair to help pull himself up. I've pretty much given up on wearing shorts for a while.

The worst part isn't really the bite since he is, afterall, a wee little baby. Sure, he could cause damage but it would be accidental. But it is knowing that he could sink his teeth in at any time. In your shoulder, in your thigh, heck, he doesn't know any better and could bite your butt.

It doesn't make me love him any less but I will be happier when he's not trying out his choppers on everything and everyone.

And, as a funny aside, Graydon is at the age where he will do whatever to get attention so if Sully gets rebuked for a bite, you can almost bet on Graydon trying to take a bite for kicks as well.

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