Turbo Stress Booster

I don't think there's anyone that enjoys going to visit the dentist (barring crushes or other non-dental motivations) and I am certainly no exception.

I went in to get some repair work done and came out feeling betrayed by my mouth because of all the work that I now have pending. We're talking multiple cavities, cracked teeth and a need for multiple crowns. Not fun, not quick and not cheap at all. Not by a long shot.

To top it off, after being socked with a massive pending bill, I was told that I have no dental insurance. They said my insurance expired back in September. Which sucked because it made me feel like I was going to be on the tab for a rather huge load of dental expenses.

And I still am but not as much as originally thought since they'd accidentally replaced the 8 in my SSN with a 0 and whoever has that SSN doesn't have any dental coverage. I, however, do.

But I'm heading in for a cleaning today and to schedule the major work which will take about half a day and suck like all the sucking in China.

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