TivoToGo for the Mac

News via Wired News: TiVoToGo Comes to Mac only 2 years after it was released for the PC. Oh yeah, it also costs $100 to take the content off your Tivo, put it on your Mac and then be able to burn it to DVD or reformat it for wee screen viewing on an iPod. Which is somewhat lame as the PC version is free.

How many people who have video iPods actually do end up watching content on them?

In any case, this is a good step forward for Tivo and Apple. It'll be nice when I can snarf up all those episodes of Sesame Street and burn them to disk so I can recover some lost hours. I still need to get my Wireless-G adapter functioning with my Tivo so it can access info waaaay faster than the Wireless-B USB adapter its running with now.

I wonder if the software lets me edit out commercials?