Take Better Photos

Instructables has some easy instructions for making a Budget Photographic Lighting "Tent" that will markedly improve the quality of your table top small photography.

Basically, get a white (or near white) bucket. Cut a u-shape out of it, flip it over and light it from behind with a strong light. No light should shine directly into the bucket.

And.... done. Pretty easy, eh?

I will be getting a bucket tomorrow and playing around with this over the weekend. I will, of course, post results on IP Photography.

[Update: Choose your bucket carefully. The bucket I chose is too thick to let the light through well enough and it has ribs on the inside. Not useful for what I was trying to do. Also, the bucket had two bumps where the handle was attached which made it more of a hassle to prep for photowork since the bucket wouldn't lay flat with them there. The scorecard reads: Buckets 1, Erik 0. I will start my bucket hunt anew! But I think I will also give a try to seed's link where they build a lightbox out of a cardboard box and some tracing paper. Also, I need a bigger office.]

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