The Stabbings Will Continue

Jogger Stabbed on West Cliff but didn't end up getting hurt for two reasons. One, she was wearing a big puffy jacket. Two, the switchblade used in the attack snapped in two. Still, we're talking about an extremely high traffic area at 7:30 in the evening.

Are there are as many knife attacks everywhere else and they don't even make the papers? I keep having images from the movie Gangs of New York (fight, Leo, fight!)

It seems like there is a new attack everyday, a random stupidity that makes no sense unless you take into account the attackers malaise and lack of direction. Once kids graduate from high school and they have no interest in college and they come from families that cashed in when land went from dirt cheap to outrageously expensive, you get idiot kids with nothing to do but "rebel". Some rebel by smoking dope and some rebel by drinking, alot. Some rebel by getting angry, getting some pals and going to find someone to stab. No, I don't understand it either.

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