Someone Pushed the Merry Go Round To 11

The hardest thing about being sick is not knowing what all is going to be waiting for you when you go back to the office. I had an inkling and it gave me nightmares. I was out sick yesterday with fever blisters (or cold sores if you don't want to be as dramatic) that made my face hurt and the idea of conducting business laughable. I ended up sleeping most of the day which helped quite a bit.

And my dear wife got me some Abreva to help cut down on the sick time which is good. Less sick is more better.

But it feels like projects at work got kicked into overdrive and that my one day out sick was really like three weeks out. In the course of the single day, I now have a new client (and one that I'm thoroughly excited about working with) and alot of developments with another client. And a whole bunch of follow up with another client and some heavy grunt work in process for a fourth.

Its hard to know where to start digging in and grinding. Especially because my head feels like a helium filled balloon bobbing around in the breeze so far this morning.

But I've got my meds, I've got my box of tissues and my notepads to try and keep my lists up to date so I don't overlook or just plain forget anything. Wish me luck and that I don't implode before the day is out.

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