Setting a Dangerous Precedent

Paradegoer Reports Rape, Jailed On Warrant:
"Police are reviewing their policies after the arrest, which one victim's advocate said could have 'a chilling effect' on the rape investigation, the woman's well-being and the desire of future victims to contact police."
Gee, ya think? You think people might be less likely to report a crime they've been a victim of if they're going to get thrown in jail for a bench warrant?

And the denial of the second required dosage of contraceptive is just going to open the police, the nurse and anyone else involved in a great big, ugly and expensive lawsuit. Which they will lose as there is little doubt that her rights were trampled all-the-fuck on.

You'll have to pardon my vitriol this morning, I slept very, very badly last night and am fighting yet another goddamned cold.

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