Set Phasers to SuckBite

This isn't the best way to start the week. I was eating a Special K bar for breakfast when it crunched a little more than it was supposed to. And now I have a pretty severely Cracked tooth on the bottom right side of my mouth. Such fun, its all but impossible to keep one's tongue from continuing to head over there to explore the new surfaces and it doesn't help that those surfaces have sharp edges.

The good news is that I have dental insurance and that I was able to get an appointment at my old dentist for tomorrow morning. This was a place I used to go to when I had the insurance I've got now. I couldn't go there when I worked at EgoCo because the coverage was lousy.

The bad news is that I get to spend the next 23 hours and counting trying not to chew on that side of my face and hoping it doesn't get worse and break apart more to expose the nerve or something painful and really un-fun. Oh yeah, the other bad news part is that I'll get to spend a good portion of tomorrow morning with at least one hand in my mouth, usually attached to a power drill. Man, I hate the flippin' dentist and I am soooo taking them up on the standing offer of nitrous. Hell yeah, nitrous and an iPod make the dentist bearable.

The other bad news is that these repairs are still going to cost a pretty good chunk of money.

But the good news is that my tetanus shoulder is almost back to not being sore at all. Now it feels like someone slugged me an hour or two ago, instead of a second ago.