Say Hello to the Newest Member of the Family

There's a back story to share here but the skinny news version is that we are now happy cat owners again (though it is definitely arguable that nobody "owns" a cat, they're just borrowing them).

Her name, right now, is Tabitha, and she's fitting in pretty well. Nande has, as might be expected, an intense interest in her. But that intensity is diminishing as she becomes more familiar and less "exotic".

I like having a cat again, they carry a different energy than dogs and are alot less needy but they're extraordinarily needy in other ways. Luckily those ways often help make humans feel better too.

I only wish my mild allergy to cats had gone away in the intervening years since we've had a cat. But its managable and the payoff outweighs the hassles, for now.

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