Ripken and Gwynn Get In

The Hall call arrives for Gwynn, Ripken but not for Mark McGwire. Which makes sense in alot of ways. One, Big Mac had two outstanding years and a bunch of good ones. Two, he's gone underground since his "testimony" at the congressional hearings. Three, Maris isn't in with his 61, why would 70 guarantee a Hall of Fame induction?

I'm happy for Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn though, both were and are superb ambassadors of the game. Both put up amazing numbers. The very idea that someone could surpass Ripken's streak of consecutive games is laughable. But then, it was insane to think anyone would catch Gehrig either.

What blows my mind is that six sports writers think Jose Canseco should get into the hall of fame. I'm sorry, aren't they supposed to do the voting sober?