No Encore for Bravo's Top Chef

Warning, do not click this link or read this post if you do not want to know who won the second season of Top Chef.

Why? Because the Top Chef Finale Spoiled AGAIN by the winner giving an interview.

Is this because Bravo's a cable channel or something? I think I'm going to blame Tom Colicchio (the Simon Cowell judge on the show) since he annoys the hell out of me.

As for me, I'm glad the winner who won, won. The other guy was a total asshole with freakish hair and a real need to get kicked in the nuts a few times. Sure, he was a good chef and had some decent tricks. But being the best chef isn't about foams (oops, did that give it away), its about making great meals with anything.

My wishlist for the next season is to get rid of Tom Colicchio because he's an asshole. Maybe they should just clone Padma Lakshmi and be done with it. That's what this world needs, a Padma (note, some images are NSFW) in every living room. Oh yeah!

Anyway, how's about I wrap this up with a spoiler? Marcel doesn't win. Ilan does. Hahahaha. Sorry, that wasn't nice of me.

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