The Mother of All Dead Arms

I went to the doctor's the other day, to get a physical to make sure I wasn't about to break down and fall apart or anything. I'm 37 now, wow, that seems so old. Funny. I don't feel old. Anyway, the doctor says I'm a good healthy specimen without any of the behaviors that would make him think about doing further tests.

Which is nice. Keep up the exercise, watch the weight, look over there and cough. And then I got a tetanus booster (does this mean its safe for me to start biting people again?) which was interesting in two ways. The first is that I barely felt the needle much less felt it hurt, it was pretty amazing. The doctor said it was a 24 gauge needle and I'd probably grown up getting shots with a 20 or 21, much bigger "bore". The reason they could use the smaller needles now is because the meds were suspended in different solutions, before they'd been delivered in an oil-based solution and that demanded a larger tube for delivery, hence the bigger needle.

The second way the shot was interesting is that my shoulder has become progressively more "dead" since the shot.

Combine that with two little boys who need to get picked up all the time, one of which is in his "grippy" phase where he grabs ahold of everything, even very tender shoulders and you have some idea of what the last day or two has been like. Not terrible but interspersed with sharp, stabbing pains. Lovely, eh?

But I'm healthy and that's the important part. I do need to get some blood drawn to make sure my cholesterol isn't headed to the moon or anything. And I need to make sure that I'm actually riding my bike instead of just looking at it. But, overall, I'm in a pretty good place, just with a sore shoulder and, right now, a crying baby.

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