I Have the iPhone Fever!

I just finished catching up on Steve Jobs' MacWorld keynote in which he introduces the Apple iPhone and, like every other geek in the universe, I WANT ONE (maybe two).

This new convergence tech is simply astounding and puts Apple far out in front again on portable technology. Zune? HA! The Zune is obsolete.

What does the iPhone do that makes it so friggin' awesome?

Touch controls, for one, no buttons means it can be easily reconfigured for landscape use or vertically. It is an iPod which means music and video in your pocket. Its an Apple so it looks beautiful and works beautifully and integrates perfectly with the Mac OS.

It may seem like it costs a ton at $500 and $600 for the 4gig and 8gig versions but think about it. The iPhone replaces an iPod (and is the first widescreen iPod at that), a phone, widget support (which will make alot more sense on a portable), a camera (sure its only 2 mp but it'll work) and it runs OS X which means it is completely extendible with apps and addons. It is a wireless device with a full browser built-in, Safari, and Google search and Maps as well as Yahoo. The monthly data charges might be crazy expensive but the phone itself is a pretty good deal, I think.

Oh yeah, I want one. Bad!

Maybe this condition should be called iPhever?

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