Hodge Podge

Things that piss me off:
- People who drive under the speed limit in the passing lane. With their blinker on.
- People who start an insult with “Don’t take this the wrong way…..”
- The word “remarkable”.
- Five working days a week is not balanced out by two weekend days off.
- The words “zany” or “madcap”.
- Information web sites that can’t be bothered to put in a fucking search engine.
- Pasting text into MS Word and having it “helpfully” reformat my text into a different font, size and adds bold or italics.
- Microsoft, in general, pisses me off.
- Websites that post news without any dates making them useless.
- People with more than 10 items in the express lane at the supermarket (or more than 20 if it goes that high).
- Flavor names that give absolutely no indication as to the actual flavor of the product (i.e. toothpaste called Sparkle Fun flavor, WTF flavor is sparkle fun?).
- Micro-managers.
- Celeb-tards who have more money than I will ever have.
- Spam that appears to come from someone I know.
- Needing four AA batteries and only having three.