High Tech Editor Murdered

Pittsburg man shot dead in home invasion / Police say editor at PC World was involved in illegal narcotics trade.

Rex Farrance was an editor at PC World and someone I've been in touch with over the last couple of months. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy and I'm truly just shocked about his murder.

I don't know anything about drugs but I do know that very few people deserve to have their home invaded and to be beaten and then murdered and Rex didn't ever strike me as being even remotely close to one of those people.

I am sitting here, stunned and freaked out.

[Update: The drugs angle has been explained by the fact that Rex's son, Sterling, has a prescription for medical marijuana and was growing and storing his meds at his parent's house. Another aspect of the story that has come to light is that Rex was an avid hunter and the intruders may have been after his guns as well as the weed. Sad story and its getting sadder. The initial coverage of this and the narcotics angle was really, really poorly done and I would not be surprised in the least if there's a lawsuit that comes out of it all.]