He Made Half Past Eleven

The combination of the new environment and seeing his favoritest cousin in the whole world propelled Graydon hours and hours past his regularly scheduled 8 pm bedtime last night. Combined with the new place and new kids he'd been playing with, Graydon was so charged up last night that he probably ran close to two miles in short loops through the kitchen, into the living room and then down the hallway to the kitchen again.

We were spending the last night of 2006 and first morning of 2007 at the Pigeon Point Hostel. For a pretty reasonable deal, we shared one bedroom with three bunkbeds in it and also shared common space with the occupants of the other two rooms. And the lighthouse was literally right above us, it was neat. The ocean cooperated last night too and was thrashing the shoreline.

Drinking is verbotten though so we had to hide our wine and forties. One couple in room #1 seemed nice enough, the guy reminded me of my step-dad only with a brown beard. The couple in the other room had two kids, Medina and Jammal. Very nice and sweet children who asked us to return and spend tonight with them there again. Not sure about us though, we did stay up until after midnight. Grady didn't quite make it though, finally crashing out at a couple minutes past 11:30.

He and I got to share a bunk while my lovely wife curled up with Sully when we went to bed a while after midnight.

And it was beautiful this morning. Clear and cold but with beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. And the nice thing is that the drive home was only about an hour.

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