The Ghost of Gerald Ford Owes Me $14

The day that Gerald Ford's body was displayed for oglers (I think the technical term is lie in state but mine's more accurate) was also the day that I had to get my license renewal postmarked by or I'd get assessed with a late fee.

Well, on the day that Gerald Ford lay in state in the capital, the post office closed in mourning or whatever you call it when a business shuts down.

As a result, my license renewal just came back with a $14 late fee owed on it. Of course, I could contest it but it'd cost me more than $14 in time to contest so I'll probably just pay it.

But I wouldn't mind a check from Gerald Ford's estate for $14 to cover my inconvenience. I mean, its not like all the postal employees went for a looksee at his body on display.

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