Strength Check

So I've come up with a pretty interesting way to get an idea of my overall strength, to create a baseline and then be able to get back and check it from time to time. And I am inviting anyone who reads this and wants to try it to take part.

The benchmark consists of two basic exercises that are done to failure, that is, you do as many of them as you possibly can. If you are working with free weights then you absolutely must have a spotter for the bench press or you can, quite literally, kill yourself. Also, make sure to thoroughly warm up before doing any max-effort exercises.

How many times can you bench press your body weight?
How many times can you leg press your body weight?

Test it now and then again in six months.

Since I've been sick for a little while, I'm going to set my benchmark day for halfway through February. And, because I like to make bets against myself, I'm going to say that I'll be able to bench press my body weight, which is 170 pounds, 25 times before failure. Leg presses, I think I'll pretty safely be able to hit 40 or 50 presses.

Want to play? Leave a comment and let's get it on!

Note, this isn't a test of fitness, its a test of strength.

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