Feverish Blisteration

I am not a happy camper this morning. I am a grumpy and grouchy and mostly pissy blogger this morning. Last night I felt the first tingles of some fever blisters and started loading up on Lysine to try and head them off before they turned my mouth into a firepit of pain and unhappiness.

I'm sure the Lysine helped some but not enough to thwart the attack and now one side of my face is painfully swollen and I feel disfigured. And the dull throbbing doesn't help my mood too much either.

I had a dentist appointment scheduled for this afternoon but that's been cancelled because there's just no chance of any work being done on my face now. Not unless I'm unconscious and that seems like a little overkill to take care of some fillings.

So I'll be spending today feeling hideous and pissy. Oh boy!

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