Dear Joel Stein, You are a big, fat doodyhead. Signed, Teh Intarnets

Joel Stein says Have something to say? I don't care. He doesn't want your email or phone calls because he doesn't want an interaction with his readers, he wants them to read, nod and then tell other people what an amazing, life-changing experience it was to suck at the literary and worldly teat that is Joel Stein's Op-Ed drivel.

Hey Joel, your ploy worked! Your angry bleating has gotten a tremendous amount of coverage across the internets. The only problem? Pretty much everyone thinks you're a grumpy old goat who should bleat a little more quietly. (oh, any by "pretty much everyone" I mean me).

I didn't read you before your rant about not wanting contact and I highly doubt I'll ever read you again after your rant. You didn't win or lose except now I think you're kind of an asshole so maybe that's a lean towards the loss side?

PS. If you feel like giving ol' Joel a poke with the email stick, drop him a note.