Creepy Starlets at the Golden Globes

Ashley Olsen's ghost arrives at the Golden Globes, resplendent in her death eye makeup and sunken chest. Her look is somewhat evocative of a 40's or 50's style outfit but the eye makeup, whiter than white skin and totally bare chest just make her look creepy and ghostly.

I suppose I should feel bad for the Olsen twins except for the fact of their hundreds of millions of dollars they'd be bag ladies living on the street. They so very often seem completely out of place. But at least she left the huge face goggles at home. And the dress makes it harder to see her bony hips and possible eating disorders.

Contrast her doe-in-the-headlights look with Alyssa Milano's or Ivanka Trump (hard to believe someone so pretty has any of Teh Donald's DNA in her at all). Why is it so hard for the Olsen's to look human, much less glamorous?

Am I being unkind? Blame it on the fever blisters. Oh wait, I haven't posted about those yet. They're next up on the list.

[Update: Because it doesn't warrant its own post and this one was already wallowing in celebrity muck, how's about some more celebrity news? How about the news from The Superficial that Lindsay Lohan can still sink lower and lower. This time there's news that she's dating Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild infamy (and the various and never-ending stream of lawsuits resulting from his terribly exploitive videos). Nice work, Lindsay. I thought you'd bottomed out with the AA announcement and the partying the next week but you have, once again, proved me wrong. And now you're just a creepy skank hanger-on with the king of soft core exploitive pron. Well done. And by well done, I mean Ewwwww!]

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