Celebrity Boxing Looks Good for 2007

From Geraldo "I Used to be Relevant" Rivera's: I'll Beat Keith (Olbermann) to Pizza and the seemingly never-ending feud between Teh Donald "Teh Lemonsucker" Trump and Rosie "BBW and Proud of IT" O'Donnell (with a possible Madge on the side), this year looks to be a banner year for celebrity boxing. Maybe we can bring back Dustin Diamond so he can beat the snot out of Horshack again.

But, I think the organizers of these events need to get with the times and realize that boxing is out, its all about MMA (that's mixed martial arts) and the UFC's octagon.

Would I pay $10 to watch Geraldo Rivera get the snot pounded out of him? Yep.

What about watching Rosie O'Donnell beat the shit out of Donald Trump? Oh hell yeah.

Who else needs to get in the ring or just shut the hell up?

I don't doubt that there is some real animosity amongst these "stars" but I also feel that, in Trump's case, he's also trying to drum up some viewers for his stupid show. I think Rivera's just trying to get some attention period though. Who's next, Andy Dick taking on Michael Richards for the "All Racist" championship? By the way, Richards would pummel Andy Dick into a puddle. He's got the anger, you see. Just like Dustin Diamond's got that D-List fury ready to unleash.