Catch-23: Hacks to Make Your DVR Experience Better

Not all of the 23 Tips to Turbocharge Your DVR will be totally useful or even usable. But there are some really good tips in the mix that make the list incredibly useful overall.

I am looking forward to #23 Getting rid of the Tivo background screen so I can keep watching a show while queueing up the next.

And I like the idea of greater interconnectivity between our computers and our Tivo. I'd love to offload some Sesame Street and Oprah and regain some real estate on the hard drive for stuff I might actually be interested in watching (no offense to Teh Killar Whale).

Now if only Charter would get HD in our area so we can take advantage of the HD capabilities of the tv and bask in the sweet unpixelated glory. Actually, I read an interesting article in Popular Science about HD antennas picking up broadbast HD signals for free. Which would be sweeter than sweet to get a better picture AND to stop paying cable bills. Oooh yeah! I'll have to dig up the link and post it (AntennaWeb lets you figure out which channels are broadcasting in your area that you stand the best chance of picking up with an HD Antenna for free). Or I could just build my own.