Blogger Upgrade and Google Sign-Ins

So, I still cannot upgrade my blogs to the new Blogger. The reason for this is because I actually blog quite a lot on this one. At last check we had broken 4300 posts and that's a lot too big of a pill for the upgrade process to try and swallow. For now.

The annoying thing is that, if I sign into Blogger in FireFox to get access to my blogs, I get signed out of my Google homepage and vice versa. Because Google is Blogger, there are some authentication issues.

And what I end up having to do is either run my Google homepage in Safari or run my Blogger in Safari. Neither of which is all that great. Safari is nice and all but it lacks some features, doesn't retain sign ins and feels like playing in the kiddy pool of the internet as a result.

I'm sure this will all be resolved before too long but, for now, its a bit of a hassle. Especially when I want to quick-blog at work, hard to do the sign-out, sign-in, blog, sign-out and resign-in to Google all that quickly.

Its just kind of a pain and I will be happier when Google gets around to allowing me to finally upgrade all my blogs.

[Update: Funny, the day I bitch about not being able to upgrade, they finally upgrade me. Coincidence or conspiracy?]

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