Almost Got Out

You know the old rule when you're in high school and the teacher doesn't show up for 15 minutes that you get to go free? We almost had to invoke the business version of that this morning. When I got into the office, there was no power in all of Scotts Valley. And it was nice and dark in the office with people unsure of what to do. Some made calls home on cells, some tried to keep working on the battery power from the UPS systems, some went out to hunt for some breakfast food.

Me? I went and got my remote control plane out of the car and played with that after snapping a few pics of the icicles out on the pond. Yes, it is that cold in California this morning. Not weensy little icicles either, the thickest was nearly an inch across at its biggest. And sure, that's nothing compared to places that get "real winter" but its as close as we're coming here.

Anyway, no power means no computers means no internet means not much chance to do any work. And the power was out waaaaay longer than the previously required 15 minutes. And yet, here I am, sitting at my desk and typing out this quick blog post. Oh well.

I kind of miss snow days. I don't miss the actual snow or the pain in the ass that snow days represents for parents but I miss the unscheduled day off from work to frolic and play. I think the world needs more unscheduled days off.

That and alot more sleep-in mornings. How about snow days and sleep-in days for everyone?

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