Worst MNF Crew Ever

Who would have thought I would look back on Dennis "GOP Comedian" Miller with nostalgia? Jeezo the current Monday Night Football booth crew is pathetically terrible.

Joe Theismann, on his own, is an insufferable jackass.

Combine him with Tony Kornholer and you've got two gaping assholes in the booth and then Mike Tirico, no, not the white one who was a commentator on American Gladiators, the black one. Tirico's the only one who doesn't make me want to jab sixteen inch knitting needles in my ears.

Joe and Tony are almost as entertaining as watching ice melt. But the ice is frozen swamp water because they stink. Really.

They couldn't get anyone entertaining so they had hire Kornholer? He's like your jerky uncle with the furry ears who has lots of "war stories" about football games back when helmets were like leather yarmulkes.

At least tonight's game was interesting although I'd picked the Panthers to win it, who knew Jeff Garcia was going to have a great game? The other upside? The Panthers contained Brian Westbrook just enough for me to win my fantasy league game. I'm talking I barely squeaked out the win by less than 2 points. Another forty yards on the ground or in the air and I'd have lost. Yeeha! Oh, and I absolutely crushed my opponent in the other league I play in.

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