Why Doesn't UPS Deliver on Saturdays?

I really dislike UPS, especially now as we're approaching the holidays. They came by to deliver a package after 5 tonight, my wife had been home most of the day and yet, they came after five and left a note that they would try again on Monday.

Why in the hell don't they deliver on the weekends? And why do I need to sign for this package when it is just some gifts from Amazon?

Why does UPS seem to go out of their way to make things more difficult?

Monday doesn't work for us at all, we both are at work, the kids are at daycare.

In fact, I just checked the tracking on the package and they tried to deliver it at 20 minutes to six on a Friday night. That's just stupid.

I don't get how they can not deliver packages on the weekend. But it makes sense that they are brown because brown is the color of shit, just like their service.

I think they should change their motto from "What can brown do for you?" to "What won't brown do for you?" They don't work within people's schedules, they don't deliver things during regular hours, they don't work on weekends. Bah, big fucking humbug on their shorts-in-winter wearing asses.

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