Welcome Back, Richie!

The Giants Sign Rich Aurilia

Rich was one of my favorite Giants when he was with the team and I was bummed when they let him get away. He's got a nice bat and is an excellent (and versatile infielder). I don't think this bodes well for Omar Vizquel coming back though and that's a shame because he was an astonishingly awesome shortstop. But you never know. [Update: My mistake, Omar has already signed, Ray Durham has signed and they just signed Pedro Feliz which means Rich will be playing first most likely and the Giants infield defense will be SOLID!]

I do wonder if Bonds will be back. It would be appropriate to see him break the home run record as a Giant but he's going to want at least $15 million and, sorry Barry, you're just not going to put up the numbers to warrant such a huge paycheck.

I like football and all but man, I can't wait for baseball to roll around again!