Toddler Movie Music

I am already getting music recommendations from my two and a half year old son. A month or so ago (has it really only been a month?) we borrowed the movie, Cars, from a friend. Graydon promptly chewed on the cardboard outer box so we had to replace the movie and he got his own, slightly chewed, copy.

We’ve watched the movie more than enough to have justified owning a copy. At one point we were watching it twice a day (not all the way through, just playing it and pausing it when other things began to happen). In the end, I’ve probably seen the movie about 10 times but am still noticing new things in it.

It is, for those who haven’t seen it, an extraordinarily clever and entertaining movie. The cars/human crossovers are seamless and the storyline is excellent. Paul Newman kicks ass as Doc Hudson and the other celebrity voices are equally as entertaining. There’s Cheech Marin, George Carlin, Owen Wilson and Michael Keaton as well as real race drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Mario Andretti and Michael Shumacher.

But this post isn't really so much about the movie so much as it is about Grady's reaction to one of the songs in the movie. Sh-Boom is a 50's style song that they play when the town is lit up at night. Its a cute song that is upbeat and good. But the funny thing is watching Grady listen to the song. He starts bobbing his head from side to side, not unlike the cars bobbing down the new road from side to side.

It makes me smile just thinking about it. And his enjoyment of the song rubs off on me and now I really like the song quite a lot. So I thought I'd share a copy with anyone who's interested in a copy. The Chords - Sh Boom.

And the movie gets two big thumbs up all the way around our house. My sister's kids love the movie too but have also clued me into a potential side effect of my children getting into Nascar, which isn't something I find entertaining in the least. But we do enjoy watching trucks race off road and dirt bikes and fun stuff like that!


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