Survivor Recap and Rave

Survivor: Cook Islands continues to make my Thursday nights entertaining and fun.

Last night's episode was all about the tables turning on the previously dominant tribe, Rarotonga, that had surged to 8 members when two of the Aitu tribe members were given the opportunity to mutiny. Candice and Jonathan had jumped ship and it looked like the Raro tribe was going to steamroll the little 4 member tribe out of the game.

But nope, a series of losses and a double elimination vote made the game much closer. And, in last week's show, the four member Aitu tribe turned Jonathan back to their side and they took the dominant position in the newly merged tribe.

Which, of course, pissed the hell out of the, now three, remaining Raro tribe members, Parvati, Candice and Adam. And how did they react? Like idiots.

By the way, as an aside, have you ever noticed how similar immunity and mutiny are? It gave rise to a new term I have just invented, immutiny - immune from mutiny. Yes, I will be adding it the Fictionarium when I get a chance.

Anyway, the three were bitchy and annoying and didn't do anything to help their situation by going and laying down to play kissy face in the tent while the others got food, water and collected firewood. So when Jonathan came back with a couple of fish, he asked if they had to share it with the three who did nothing. The five decided not to and Candice was a real bitch about it. She started flinging around her anger and put words in Yul's mouth, which he promptly told her not to do as he could speak for himself.

Oh yeah, the "reward" challenge wasn't a challenge at all, it was an auction where folks got $500 to bid on goodies. The rule here was bid early because the auction ends fast. Jonathan scored the food, both a hot dog and fries with a beer (that he spilled about a quarter of) and then an entire pepperoni pizza. And Becky won the ability to send someone to Exile Island immediately and she sent Candice the mutineer back to the island for another night alone and hungry. Her short interview while she was out there was lame, she missed her big, doofy boy and that is was sad that people she liked were treating her so badly. Not once has she recognized that she screwed them and they have every right to be pissed off.

And, at the tribal council, they sent her packing. Which was fine. Now the Raro tribe is down to Adam and Parvati, both are lame asses and I'll be happier when they're both gone. Parvati in particular has demonstrated a pretty galling lack of an inability to self-reflect on her own actions and has no problem ripping on others.

This is turning into one of the more entertaining Survivor seasons. More so now that the lame tribe of goofballs and slackers is being whittled out.