The Survivor Finale

Survivor wrapped up for another season on Sunday night and San Mateo native, Yul Kwon, won the Cook Islands series. The other possibility was Ozzy and then there was the third chance, Becky, who got no votes and was a non-factor in the finale.

I would have been almost as happy with Ozzy winning as well, which is really unusual for Survivor. There's almost always an ass and a nice guy in the final but this season ended with the underdog four member tribe annihilating the over-confident and under-performing tribe of eight. And, as Jeff Probst, the host of the show, said, it was one of the most interesting and entertaining seasons in a long time (which was also an admission that several of the recent seasons have been kind of lame).

Instead of a full-on rehash, I thought it would be more fun to rundown through the players and give a quick summation of how they came across in the show.

Ozzy - easily the most dominant athlete and the adept at getting food. He was a likable guy, on purpose.
Becky - nice enough but not especially useful in challenges and didn't really have any place in the final three, as evidenced by her lack of a single vote in her favor for the million bucks.
Candice - great athlete, very pretty but an immature brat who mutineed on her tribe and then cried about being sent to Exile Island every time they got a chance to. Boo-hoo.
Parvati - cute woman but a really annoying personality who relied on flirting as a game strategy and then got more and more annoying the farther she went into the game.
Adam - the big athlete who was decent early and then just kind of a jerkass the rest of the season. He did have some interesting moments though. I am almost positive I would think he was a total asshole if I met him in person.
Nate - Good guy, likable, laughable, strong and big. I was bummed when he got booted.
Sundra - seemed like a nice enough lady, kind of rode her way through to the end and then demonstrated how little she'd learned by not being able to make a fire in an HOUR of trying, even after she was given matches. Very lame.
Jonathan - snaky wanker with a big mouth and crazy eyes. Kind of an ass but he generally had a good point.
Jenny - she seemed like she would enjoy beating me up. I didn't really like her much.
Brad - why are the gay guys they get on the show so annoyingly flaming? He was a wanker and not very good at the game, nor a team player when he was supposed to be. I didn't much care for him either.
Flicka - the rollergirl, get some of that fifteen pounds of hair chopped or something. I liked her but she was waaay too much like "let's have fun and I don't want to play the game" and its unsurprising she didn't get very far.

Who else? I don't know. That should be plenty enough.

This was a really good season of Survivor. The racial thing didn't add much to the game really but the added twists of the mutiny and the double elimination tribal council made a big difference in how the game ran.

Yul deserved to win, he was the most dominant overall player and played as close to an honest and ethical game as he could. He also seems like a decent guy.

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