Rosie vs. Teh Donald

There's been a lot of hay made about this feud between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump in the wake of Rosie's comments about Donald and his "moral authority" to allow Tara Conner to retain her Miss USA title.

And so, here's my two cents.

I wouldn't mind if they both fell down a well but I think Rosie's making a more coherent argument. Donald Trump is no moral authority, he's behaved like an utterly self-absorbed ass his entire adult life and the idea that he is helping to guide Tara Connor away from the evils of the party lifestyle is ridiculous. Trump's responses have been nothing but personal attacks, mostly based on her weight, which is pathetic and stupid.

But, again, they can both go hang for all I care. And The Apprentice is an awful show if only for the fact that it features his sourpuss mug the entire time. The guy looks like he sucks lemons all day long.

And there has been discussion about whether this whole thing is nothing but an elaborate ruse to draw attention to the next season of The Apprentice. Not that it will make any difference to me, I can't stand Trump and wouldn't watch his show unless my tv started kicking out five dollar bills for every minute I watched. And even then I'd probably throw it in after ten minutes.

Also, I don't watch The View either although its far more watchable now that the freakin' Star Jones is gone, that lady looked like an alien and acted like a diva. Damn, she was annoying.

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