Quick Christmas Wrap

The day after Christmas is just about done and I'm about recovered.

My personal favorite present is an Air Hogs mini remote control bi-plane. Grady's most favorite gift depends upon the moment. He's quite partial to the ride on motorcycle but he also really likes his Cars cars. Sully was pretty thrilled to be hanging out and playing in any case. And he did get some pretty neat new stuff including a see-thru rain stick with colored beads. My favorite gift for my lovely wife was a deck prism from a sailing ship but the most useful will be new running shoes.

Also, the can lizard from my mom is really excellent, the boys grandmother got them a bunch of clothes and fun stuff. And his cousins gave us some surprisingly excellent remote control cars. They look like shelf models but have donut ripping power action.

One thing we did do is to meter out some of the present opening over a couple of days. That way Graydon got a chance to open, examine and enjoy more of his toys. He really had a good time with his truck one night, we broke the highly anticipated LED spinning top on the second attempt to use it ever and Grady wasn't interested in The Incredibles when it first aired (though he did rather enjoy the second airing). My wife has coined the, now trademarked, term Happy Jolly Days to mean all the fun and gift giving of the holidays but not so much from a religiously motivated perspective.

We had a good time at my in-laws, the spread of food was nice and broad and it was easy to pick up a plate of goodies to eat. Aside from a couple of meltdowns amongst the assembled chitlins, some of whom were to be expected to meltdown, at least a little bit, and then some other chitlins who were supposed to be above it.

But, in the end, it was a fun day. Now I just want no rain for tomorrow so I can go out and fly my plane.

At the worst, it beats working!

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