Mel Gibson's Apocalypto

So Mel "I Don't Hate Jews" Gibson's Apocalypto opens tomorrow. Do you care? Do I?


Just like I don't care about Tom Cruise's next movie, or Arnold Schwarzenegger's. These are actors that have passed beyond my desire to put a red cent in their pockets because of their off-screen stupidity.

Which is a bummer because I, generally, like Mel Gibson's movies. Braveheart was phenomenal, The Road Warrior was a staple movie growing up, the Lethal Weapon series was entertaining. But sorry, Mel. I cannot and will not support an asshat. At least a known asshat. I'm sure plenty of other stars I like are also complete pricks offscreen but until I know that for a fact, I'll continue to watch and enjoy their movies.

[Update: Here's SFGate's review of the movie, apparently it makes Gibson's Passion look like a kiddie movie with all of the gore. Rape, murder, mayhem -- there goes the civilization. Seriously, what is Mel Gibson's fascination/obsession with gore, blood, torture and pain?]