Is It Just Me or is FireFox Sucking More and More?

I think the developers at Mozilla took FireFox out of the oven too early. It has started to do some really annoying things that force me to keep Camino or Safari up and running to take care of the sites, actions or pages that FireFox just chokes on or otherwise won't play nicely with.

Let's see what FireFox is doing or not doing that's causing headaches.

1. It does not seem to be able to publish my blog posts through Blogger anymore. It just continually reloads the percent page with a 0% until it comes back with an error. When I publish in Safari, it has zero trouble and publishes in under a half a minute.
2. Downloading mp3's from YouSendit or Senduit, this isn't a problem on other computers I use but, for some annoying reason, I can't download them on my main computer. No change in settings seems to do anything and there's no help on the incredibly unhelpful Mozilla support forums.
3. I had a problem where, when a page would first load, the first link I would click would not open that link but would rather scroll the page all the way to the top. I've since figured that one out but it was stupid, annoying and a useless "feature". [Update - Rick asked for my solution on this and its a pretty easy one, hit F7 and FF will pop up a window to turn Caret Browsing on or off.]
4. Memory leakage and work stoppage, if FireFox runs for too long it starts sucking up massive amounts of memory and you get to see the spinning beach ball more than any site content. Wheee!
5. If FireFox runs for too long, I find that I can no longer enter text into any text boxes, search engine strings or the location box. Again, annoying.
6. Window snapbacks, sometimes I want to move a window so I can see what's happening in the window behind it but FireFox will snap the window back into the upper left hand corner of the screen. Sometimes it will allow me to move the window some but not to where I want it and then it will snap it back. Incredibly freaking irritating.
7. Have lots of tabs open and then having to use the arrow to scroll through the tab bar or the dropdown to get to them. In 1.5 this was not an issue, the tabs would shrink and still fit without the scroll arrow. I thought software was supposed to get better with each iteration, not more annoying.
[Update - 8. Whenever I hit Blog This, the window appears behind the window I'm looking at and selecting it from the Window menu on the top bar doesn't take me to it. Annoying. It also always spawns in the same place no matter what.]

I have no doubt that all of these irritations can be fixed, I do have an issue with these problems mostly arising after the 2.0 release which is supposed to be superior to the 1.5 release. I still like FireFox quite alot but these problems are irritating.

Also, if you have any solutions to any of these then please leave a comment and help a brother out!

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