Insert Salad Dressing Joke Here

Women in lettuce bikinis?

I don't really care for PETA's politics but I tend to appreciate their advertising campaigns. Who could not find something appealing about a campaign that is hot women wearing lettuce?

Of course, it gives rise to all kinds of boys club potty humor like the title of the post. And it won't stop me from being a carnivore nor will it make me eat more salad than I already do. That's right, I can admit that I not only eat salad, I like it. And I don't have to slather 600 fatty sugar calories on top to make it palatable (that's the dressing, if you aren't paying attention).

But, as opposed to PETA's shouting and aggressive ads, I'd be much more open to a dialogue based on this new campaign so they are, at least, making a little headway. Or should that be a little lettuce head way?

I do not, however, think the Broccoli Boys are a good idea at all. They sound like guys with fungal growths on their wangs.

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