Hi, You Used To Know Me as Johnny

I've been Johnny Huh on this blog for a very long time now and I've been thinking more and more that I would just as soon take my words as my own.

So, with that in mind, Hi, my name's Erik. We'll leave it at that for now. Baby steps and all.

Why have I decided to out myself after four and a half years of blogging under a pseudonym? A combination of reasons really. Not the least of which is because I am often quite proud of things that I've written here and on my other blogs (no, not everything because I have used this place as a vent and sometimes I'll write things I may not fully mean when I'm blowing off some steam).

It remains to be seen if writing under my real name puts some binders on what I write and who I write about. I already censor myself and don't share quite alot of my life here, I don't talk about my family often, I don't discuss my work (except my old company and they totally deserve it) and I don't get into personal problems very often.

The hard part is going to be republishing the whole blog and pulling the Johnny Huh out of it. There are so many posts here that it usually fails before it completes. Which is part of the reason that I'm scared to migrate to Wordpress or somewhere else, I don't want to get half my posts caught in limbo.

Anyway, I've already started posting comments on other blogs as myself.

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