Grow Up, Punks!

Tree Buyer Spots 20something Taggers a'Tagging
"Tree buyer spies suspected vandals
A county resident buying a Christmas tree witnessed two young men allegedly vandalizing a nearby building Wednesday night and helped deputies catch the men, the Sheriff's Office reported.
Deputies stopped the men - 21-year-old Matthew Montgomery of Aptos and 20-year-old Paul Keller of La Selva Beach - driving away, Sgt. Fred Plageman said. They denied spray-painting tags on the building, but the men had yellow paint on their hands and the witness identified them as the vandals, Plageman said.
The building had fresh tags in yellow paint on it and deputies found empty cans of spray paint in the pair's vehicle, Plageman said. They were arrested on suspicion of vandalism"
I guess 20 is the new 15 these days. I don't get what these two "men" were trying to accomplish by vandalising a building with spraypaint. I do know that any vandalistic tendencies I had were pretty much done by the time I hit my teens.
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